Have you ever wondered how much traffic a topic / website is getting, or what products are hot?

This tool provides insights into broad search patterns and allows you to look at internet traffic patterns for a single website, product, name, or anything you would search for online from Google’s perspective. It also provides trends temperature, related stories, related searches, blog posts, links to top sites, etc.

Google TrendsMarket Research Uses:

  • Trends data for comparison between websites that compete with each other, for example Dexknows.com, Superpages.com, Yellowpages.com.
  • Search patterns in a given geographic area.
  • Native language of topic searchers.
  • Country search traffic patterns.
  • Competitive comparisons for market penetration.

The complete list of uses is not covered here, but for tracking and estimation purposes, this is a great tool when looking at rolling a new product, picking a profit center to run online as a test, looking at competition in a given market place, etc.

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