True localized programmatic advertising.

The data makes all the difference.
We use unstructured data…Do you?

Have you ever noticed how hard it is for other programmatic platforms to deliver true transparency?

Browsing behavior
Contextual text
Keywords Searched

Most programmatic platforms deliver oblique, pre-packaged audience segments in the same way you have to buy the entire newspaper when all you want is the sports section. Imagine a buy that truly allows you to be specific with your target audience.

People can be put into nontransparent audience segments based on an outlier like buying a baby gift and are forever in the “New Moms” segment. Where the data originates, the components of packaging, and how you buy it often are the difference between success and failure of your campaign. We use location, contextual content, keywords searched, browsing behavior, and more to create an audience and then optimize with the same granular controls so you get a far more refined target.

The game plan is often a blend of options, we will help you make great choices.

Est Programmatic Display Budgets
Billion in 2016
accounts for
of total display budgets
Programmatic video
is expected to reach
Billion in 2016

Done right, Programmatic is extremely efficient and unparalleled in its ability to pair rich audience data with ad inventory and targeting.
It’s time to step away from the noise of bundled audience segments.
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    Target users by device such as desktop, tablet, and mobile

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    Operating System

    Target by operating system such as iOS, Android, or Windows

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    Browser Type

    elect browsers by type such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox, etc

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    Target by geography as tight as a five mile radius, by DMA, state, or country

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    Target by variable recency from instant to 30 days

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    Intent-Based Search Data

    Build targeted keyword lists just like performance search marketing

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    Contextual Content

    Target users based on the category of contextual content on the page they are viewing or specific keywords in context

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    Browsing Behavior

    Target users based on past browsing behaviors such as domains visited

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    Your CRM Data

    Bring any of your first-party data elements you own

It’s time for your business to use fully managed programmatic display.

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