What is SEO?

Really trying to wrap your head around SEO or Search Engine Optimization is often times very difficult to fully understand. Picking the right partner to implement SEO on your website is even harder.

There are so many places that claim to offer the service but not everyone performs the task as well as others. It’s a bit like blind faith, the changes to your site are normally not changes you can see. Then there is waiting, then more waiting, and then tweaking some stuff, then more waiting.

It’s important they you understand the fundamentals of SEO prior to making the decision as to who to partner with. Search Engine Land did a fantastic job in explaining the basics.

If you haven’t discovered it yet, our site if full of information. We believe that an educated consumer is a powerful consumer, and therefor make better decisions when purchasing online media. The video below may very well be silly to you, but we love educating and SEO 101 simply explained is a fundamental that needs to be understood.

Great SEO is about more than just rank in search results-

It’s about getting organic website traffic from the right local prospects.

Organic listings are generally considered “Trusted,” or at the very least unbiased. In addition to that, there is NO dollar figure assigned to the click value so it can pull more traffic without shutting down. And the last major benefit is that all costs should be paid up front. Lots of debate has ensued about monthly SEO fees, however most SEO companies charge a one time fee. Some sites require an abundance of attention and could make a monthly fee necessary.

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