Contextual targeting is used to match ads about selected topics to sites within the Display Network.

How it works:

The Exchange system looks at the advertiser’s site content , considering factors such as text, language, link structure, and page structure. The Exchange then determines the content network to best leverage distribution of the advertisement based

on the advertiser’s desired client base. As a result, contextually
targeted ads provide related information to readers and attract an audience that has demonstrated interest in your business/products/services.

Example, suppose you are a Mortgage Company. The Exchange server will look at sights that currently are running articles about mortgage rates, ARMs, and any article related to the host of services your company provides, then distributes your advertising to those sites to be displayed on the page that has the related article.

Contextual Advertisment

You can see from the image above that the GE Capitol ad is directly related to the lending of money.

If you pay attention to the website that you surf regularly, you will notice that this is a very regular occurrence that you won’t even catch unless you are paying attention.   While the example shown above is very passive, most Contextual Targeted Ads are not.

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