[one_half] TotalTrack is an easy-to-use tool that tracks the performance of all your online and offline advertising, including billboards, radio spots, display creative and more. By adding a trackable phone number, URL – or both – to your traditional media, you can measure the success of all your marketing efforts, make better marketing decisions and steer dollars towards the ads that drive business.[/one_half] [one_half_last] yellow-pages[/one_half_last]

This product is very affordable at $29.95/month to secure two dedicated phone lines that you can place in your advertisement. This product will allow your business to track each form of printed media that you utilize to market your business.

Call capture
High Level View

Not only do you get accurate tracking but we record the incoming calls for you, this allows you to listen to each call and determine if it was a solicitor, or a real customer calling your business.  You can also use the product for staff coaching, or determining how your staff are handling incoming customer calls.   With secure online access to your reporting, updated twice a day, ROI is very easy to establish.

Detailed call tracking
Detailed call reporting with the ability to listen

Contact Chris Kligora today at 720.427.3707 to secure your total track numbers and decide if you are willing to renew those news paper or yellow pages contracts year after year.