Endemic Targeting places advertisements on websites that are directly related to the business type.

The Exchange system looks at the advertiser’s site content , considering factors such as text, language, link structure, and page structure. The Exchange then determines the content network to best leverage for distribution of the advertisement based on the advertiser’s business type. As a result, Endemically targeted ads provide related information to surfers of like websites, and attract an audience that has demonstrated interest in your business/products/services by virtue of the site they are surfing.

Example, suppose you are an auto dealer. The Exchange server will look at sights that currently are related to the automotive industry, or the types of automobiles you retail, then distribute your advertising creatively to those sites to be displayed on the page that has related content.

Endemic targeted ad

You can see in the above example on Kelley Blue Book, the user was getting a used car value of a DODGE, and the advertisement is a local DODGE dealer.  The same can be demonstrated for any business.


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