Inbound marketing isn’t just a fad or buzz-word

Inbound is a proven marketing technique that targets more middle to lower-middle of the buying funnel & that attracts qualified buyers by offering them the helpful information. Technology, the internet, and Google have changed the consumer buying journey so much that traditional advertising vehicles just aren’t enough to keep businesses alive any more. Search engines have become an everyday resource for everything. Content is king, businesses need inbound marketing as a way to keep their business in front of customers as they conduct their research.


Top funnel content

Inbound Marketing generally starts with industry specific content that might not be about your business. You are basically giving the visitors content in exchange for the name and email address and their permission to continue marketing to them.

Here’s why

  • Hot industry content creates traffic
  • Quality traffic starts the relationship
  • Being a source of great information builds relationships

Mid / low funnel content

Mid/low funnel customer are further down the research funnel and much closer to the purchase phase. We can leverage the names and emails to send the prospects exciting on-topic information that keeps you top of mind and gives you a competitive edge as the prospect gets closer to making their purchase.

More specific for this phase

  • Business specific
  • Product specific
  • Service Specific
  • Compelling differences


Here is where we come in!

Content marketing or in-bound alone will not allow a business to thrive, it is one piece of the marketing solution.

We work with you to develop a comprehensive marketing plan to address full funnel lead gen. Often time we work with your current web developer or create landing pages for the top level conversion aspects of the plan. We have content writers that create amazingly engageable e-books, blog posts, videos, etc. We also employ medical specific content writers for those very specific needs.

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