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Display advertising comes in many formats, is behavioral right for you?

Are you looking for an audience that is geographically specific and has a high likelihood of going to a weekend event? Behavioral advertising might be exactly what your looking for. The real difference between behavioral & programmatic display advertising is the refinement and the CPM (cost per thousand) impressions. Every display program has a specific need, some delivery vehicles are more aligned to deliver a great target audience with different CPMs.

Aligning your business with a partner that has access to structured display data platforms and unstructured display data platforms give your business the flexibility to deliver the right message to the right audience for the right price.

If you’re looking to target a geographic area with a far more specific target audience, programmatic advertising would be a far better display advertising vehicle. If you are looking for programmatic display program you can read more about it here.
We offer a wide variety of display advertising to fit your specific need(s).

Behavioral display advertising has over 60 different custom audiences.

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    Targeted sites like Forbes, USA Today Money, and more.

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    Targeted sites like Kelley Blue Book, Jumpstart, Autobytel, and more

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    Targeted sites like Fortune, Nasdaq, Marketwatch, and more

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    Targeted sites like Discovery, National Geographic, and more

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    Targeted sites like ET, abc Family, People, and more

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    Targeted sites like Parenthood, abc, Family travel, Ancestry, and more

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    Targeted websites like Men’s Health, Fit tv, Discovery health and more

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    Targeted sites like Greensearch, Planetsave, Ecogeek, and more

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    So many more

    We literally have programs for about any behavior you’re looking to target.

Give us a call today to talk about all the display options available to you or to inquire about your particular need from display advertising.