Professional Analytics Analysis

The life blood of your business is often website experience.

Studies have shown that new customers to a business make decisions to patronize that business online before stepping foot in their brick and mortar or picking up the phone.


Don’t let your potential customer’s first visit…be their last.

A deep look into your analytics will reveal far more about the client interaction with your website then you ever thought possible.
Here are a few things you need to consider before we dive into the analytics.

Let’s start with the website


What does your website say about your business?

Ask Yourself:

  • Does the visitor know what I do in 6 seconds?
  • Do I have a differentiator ?
  • Are all of my services / products listed?
  • Am I using calls to action?
  • Is my contact or location easy to find?


Does your website really reflect your business online?

Ask Yourself:

  • Does my website envoke the same emotion of my store or service?
  • Are you proud of your online customer experience?
  • Are your images fresh and exciting?
  • Would you buy from you?



How is the user experience?

Ask Yourself:

  • Is my website really mobile friendly?
  • Can I navigate my site easily?
  • Do all my links work?
  • What do my load times look like?
  • Is the experience great?

Now let’s look at the customer interaction data in analytics

Once you have formed your own opinions on your website, we need to see if the data contained in analytics support your theory. 
As we peel back the analytic onion, insights will reveal themselves into customer interaction, logical paths, and ultimately…experience.

Now that we understand the experience, let’s look at the traffic.


Often times the traffic quality is the heart of issues with the performance of the digital storefront.

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Do a self evaluation of your website.  Look at all the components that make your digital storefront what it is.  Be critical of what your customers see, write it down for discussion when we talk.


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